Mother Gladys Locket Ross – Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women

   Mother Alma Fanniel
Jurisdictional First Lady

   Missionary Ann Scott
Assistant Supervisor
   Missionary Ruby Hammonds
Assistant Supervisor
   Missionary Ruby Ratcliff
Executive Secretary
   Lady Laverne Robinson
 Financial Secretary
   Missionary Vivian Ledet
 Executive Aide/Platform Protocol
Personal Adjutant
   Missionary CiCi Brown
Executive Board President

   Mother Alma Fanniel
Advisory Board

   Missionary Shirley Colter
Missionary Aneither McKelvey
Clergy Wives
   Missionary Ann Scott
School of Licensing for Missionaries
   Sister Marlo Ford
 Business & Professional
Christian Women’s Council
   Sister Melissa Davis
Executive Hospitality
Mother Patricia Anderson
Mother’s Board
   Sister Zorana Cooper
 Nurse Unit
   Missionary Joyce Washington
 Prayer & Bible Band
   Sister Jessie Allen
Purity Class
   Sister Melissa Horn
Sunshine Band
   Sister Exla M. Ingram
Sewing Circle
   Sister Eura Dell Ross
Sister Gloria Nelson
Usher Board
   Sister Beverly Joseph
Young Women’s Christian Council
   National Evangelist Shondell Robinson
49 and Under/Workshop Chairperson
   Evangelist Julia Washington-Menard
Chaplain/Home & Foreign Missions
   Mother Flossie Burns
Prayer Warrior
   Missionary Jewel Delaney
District Missionary Chairperson
   Missionary Mary Williams
Women of Prayer/Newsletter
   Missionary Tonia Collins
Aspiring Missionaries
   Mother Evelyn Bowie
Music Coordinator
   Missionary Priscilla Brown-Jack
Fine Arts Guild/State Announcer
   Missionary Vanecia Gray
   Missionary Cheryl Buchanan
Coordinator of Auxiliaries, Bands/Units
   Missionary Ruby Ratcliff
Mother Odessa Edwards
Program Committee
   Sister Keitha Lewis
 Flower Guild
   Missionary Beverly Centers
Bereavement Committee
   Sister Valerie Nickerson
Program Chairperson